Allan Kaufman

Allan Kaufman, a First-rate Speaker, Seminar Leader, Public Speaking Coach and Author

Allan’s 25+ years speaking experience includes…

  • Roasts
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Corporate training
  • Association speaking
  • Coaching to relieve public speaking fears and anxieties and to hone presentation skills.

He specializes in communication skills with an emphasis on helping business professionals eliminate public speaking fear rapidly.

As one Baltimore, Maryland, newspaper, the Towson Flier, wrote about him…

“Allan Kaufman helps people overcome their number-one fear—a fear that may paralyze them and keep them from achieving goals. A fear that’s greater than the prospect of death, the fear of speaking in public.”

Allan believes that communications is one of the most important skills to master. He says, “Learning to communicate is like taking out an insurance policy. You never know when you’ll need it, but it’s too late to take it out after you need it.”

Allan is an innovative seminar leader. His approach to communications training is unique and exciting. His training results in noticeable skills improvement.

As Alan E. Harrison, Director of Facilities, National Aquarium in Baltimore, said about one of Allan’s courses…

“What a great course! How to Speak with Confidence was of great benefit to me. I not only learned how to improve my speaking techniques, but also how to listen more effectively. Your enthusiasm and energy were felt by all of us in the class.”

Allan Kaufman is President of Allan and Allan, Inc., a communications consulting company. The company works with organizations to improve executive, management, marketing and sales communications. It also assists business professionals to rapidly eliminate public speaking fear and hone presentation skills.

Allan and Allan, Inc. provides executive speech coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking programs on rapidly eliminating public speaking fear and enhancing presentation skills.

Versatile Local TV Personality and Writer

He has appeared numerous times on Speakeasy, a show about communications, on Maryland’s Comcast Cable Television.

He is the co-author of the book and 2-CD set, Presentation Truths Revealed—101 Universal Principles to Propel Your Speaking Success.

He has written several published articles about communications, and he has been written about in a number of newspapers and magazines including:

  • Towson Flier
  • The Toastmaster
  • Owings Mills Flier
  • Owings Mills Times
  • Randallstown News
  • Baltimore Magazine
  • Baltimore Jewish Times
  • The Social Security Administration Bulletin

Professional Membership in Toastmasters International

He earned Toastmasters International’s most prestigious achievement— Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Since the founding of Toastmasters International in 1924, only 1/10 percent of all speakers worldwide have earned the DTM award.

Variety of Audiences

He has spoken to varied and numerous audiences, such as:

  • The American Red Cross
  • NIH Federal Credit Union
  • Social Security Administration
  • Farm Credit Bank of Baltimore
  • Anne Arundel County Employees
  • The United Way of Central Maryland
  • Baltimore County Recreation & Parks
  • Health Care Financing Administration
  • American Businesswomen’s Association
  • Toastmasters International Conventions
  • The Johns Hopkins University Business Fraternity

Leadership, Education and Family

Allan Kaufman has held several leadership positions in Toastmasters International. He is a former Captain in the United States Army Reserve, and was on the Parents Advisory Board of Towson University.

A native of Maryland, Allan has a BA degree from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA degree from the University of Maryland.

He resides in Owings Mills, Maryland with his wife, Jane.

Download Allan Kaufman’s one-page fact sheet (PDF).

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“I have known Allan Kaufman since 1991 when I joined the Randallstown Network Toastmaster club that he had fashioned into a trend setting group—widely recognized for its excellence in growing great communicators. Knowledge gained from Allan and fellow members of Randallstown Network Toastmasters made it possible for me to survive two years of corporate downsizings by setting up a company sponsored Toastmasters club modeled after Allan's Randallstown Network Club. Our mission patterned after lessons I learned from Allan Kaufman was adding value to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland by facilitating interdepartmental communication between people of diverse backgrounds and experience. Allan Kaufman radiates excitement and enthusiasm. His passion for speaking excellence is captivating. A true mentor, he constantly talks up the many successes of his mentees. A great leader, he is always on the front-line cheering on those fortunate enough to have shared time with him as a Toastmaster, a student of one of his classes or a member of one of the organizations to which he belongs. Allan Kaufman is one of those rare individuals in life who possesses the ability to dramatically affect, for the better, the lives of people he has touched. With appreciation for Allan's special window on the world, Tony Cooper. (September 17, 2007)” — A