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by Allan Kaufman, DTM, MBA

“Learning to communicate is like taking out an insurance policy. You never know when you’ll need it, but it’s too late to take it out after you need it.” (Allan Kaufman as quoted in Baltimore Magazine)

Years ago, I received a phone call from Baltimore Magazine. Someone gave them my name as an expert in the art of public speaking and they wanted to interview me. At that moment I came up with the above quote.

How many of you own insurance? Most of us do in some form or another.

We own car insurance. In most states in the USA, it is mandatory if we want to own and register a car. Even if insurance were not required, it is the prudent thing to do. Why take the chance of being wiped out financially to save some premium dollars?

Many of us own life insurance. We do this to protect our families in case we die. We want them to be able to maintain some semblance of their lifestyle.

We pay premiums for health insurance. You just never know when you may get sick or be in an accident. In the USA, it is expensive to be treated in hospitals, see doctors, and have medical tests if you don’t have health insurance.

What about disability insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, etc?

How many of you have taken out public speaking insurance? Yes, *Public Speaking Insurance*! You know, just in case your boss walks into your office tomorrow and says s/he wants you to make a presentation next week on a certain project. Or…

Someone you know calls you up and says there is a well-paid position with a great opportunity for advancement for someone who can present effectively and regularly.

Could you do it? Are you ready and willing?

Public Speaking Insurance is not like any other policy. You don’t make annual premiums. What you do is take some time now to overcome any speaking fears you have and develop your speaking skills so that when you need to or when the opportunities arise, you will be the first one to stand up and say, “I’ll do it!”

What skills do you need to develop?

We’ve covered a lot of them in our No Sweat Speaking ezines and blog. Use them to your advantage at no cost to you except for your time investment. Read our back issues starting here.

Here is a list of some of them.

1. Make a good first impression.
2. Be prepared.
3. Be enthusiastic.
4. Give an organized presentation.
5. Stay within time.
6. Use effective eye contact.
7. Use great body language.
8. Vary your voice volume, rate of speaking and pitch.
9. Use visual aids.
10. Add humor to your presentation.
11. Engage your audience and keep them involved.
12. Use notes effectively.

So take out your Public Speaking Insurance policy now. Get rid of your speaking fears and develop your skills. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor with confidence and skill for the rest of your life.