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Presentation Truths Revealed Book-CDsPresentation Truths Revealed—101 Universal Principles to Propel Your Speaking Success

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For Business Professionals Who Need to Speak Skillfully and Avoid Being Embarrassed in Front of an Audience

This Book And Audio Set Shows You How to Apply Proven Strategies to Boost Your Credibility, Influence, and Income!

Presentation Truths Revealed is a quick read so you can get through it during lunch or on a flight. The audio programs expand on the principles in the book. The programs include ideas and techniques to improve your presentations. The audios go beyond what’s in the book.

Here’s Some of What You Will Discover from Presentation Truths Revealed—101 Universal Principles To Propel Your Speaking Success Book and Audio Set.

  • What to do about boring, uninspiring presentations . . . and how you can prepare for success . . . so you appear credible and knowledgeable! — (Truths 8, 13, 17-23, 29-31, and 41-46; bonus page 105, Strategy #3, and page 107, Strategy #6; CD #1, Track 4; Free Bonus #1, pages 21-34; and Free Bonus #4)
  • The foolproof way to influence your audience and achieve your objectives! — (Truths 47-48 and 82-86; CD #2, Track 6; and Free Bonus #1, pages 104-110)
  • What you must do to create rapport with your audience and win their acceptance! When this happens, watch your influence and income soar! — (Truths 67-73 and 96-97; CD #1, Track 6; and Free Bonus #1, pages 45-53)

“I have delivered more than 2,500 presentations, and Presentation Truths Revealed is right on the money!”
Arnold Sanow, Certified Speaking Professional and author of Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

  • A simple technique that you can start using tomorrow to make sure your audience understands your message and can follow you! — (Truths 24-27 and 32-40; CD #1, Track 5; Free Bonus #1, pages 35-44; and Free Bonus #2)
  • Expert advice on how to use visual aids to enhance your presentation and drive home your message! The fact is interesting visual aids make you more persuasive. — (Truths 54-66; CD #2, Track 5; and Free Bonus #1, pages 90-103)
  • Know what to present and how to present it . . . so your audience members get what they need . . . using a simple tool that works like crazy! When your audience gets what they need, you get what you need. — (Truths 19-23, Bonus #4)

Presentation Truths Revealed is a gem! Corporate presenters could improve their presentations significantly by applying the principles in this book.”
Craig Valentine, MBA, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking and author of The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking

  • The public speaking unfair advantage . . . How to get it . . . How to leverage it. How to use a proven practice technique to remember your presentation. You’ll look like a genius in front of your audience from it . . . continuously . . . starting with your next presentation! You won’t have to worry any more about being embarrassed in front of your audience because you forgot your presentation. — (Truth 41; bonus page 112, Tip #2; CD #1, Track 4; and Free Bonus #1, pages 30-32)
  • A quick kick-butt idea that shows you how to use the 5 most compelling ways to open your presentation with a power punch. Guaranteed to keep your audience focused on your message . . . starting right away! — (Truth 35; CD #1, Track 5; Free Bonus #1, pages 39-41; and Free Bonus #2)
  • What to do tomorrow morning to appear professional and increase your influence exponentially! — (Truths 10-12, 14-16, and 28; bonus page 113, Tip #4; CD #1, Track 2; Free Bonus #1, pages 6-14)
  • How to answer questions that hit the mark and satisfy your audience in the shortest amount of time possible! How you handle questions and answers could be the most important part of your presentation. It could mean the difference between success and having a firm grip on an empty bag! — (Truths 31-32 and 98-101; bonus page 113, Tip #5; CD #2, Track 4; Free Bonus #1, pages 83-89)

Click here to order the book and 2-CD set right now for only $79.00 + S&H


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“I’ve given hundreds of presentations and read every book on public speaking. Your Presentation Truths Revealed–101 Universal Principles To Propel Your Speaking Success will give anyone a complete insight into what speaking effectively and with confidence is all about. It is a practical guide for helping everyone deliver a memorable and remarkable message.”
Roz Trieber, MS, CHES author of Live Life Laughing An Innovative and Imaginative Approach to Living A Healthier, Happier and More Prosperous Life

Since we know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to order today!

Just for saying “Yes,” you’ll receive the following FREE:

Bonus #1: Complete transcripts of all the audio tracks Value $47.00

Use these valuable transcripts to make notes and reinforce what you discover in the audio program. We could have offered this as a separate e-Book. Instead, we decided to include it FREE as part of this offer.

Bonus #2: Organization Checklist Value $10.00

This aid will guide you in structuring and writing an informational presentation. Informational presentations are the most common business presentations. Follow the Organization Checklist and you can’t help but create an understandable, easy-to-follow presentation.

Bonus #3: New Client Contact and Inquiry Form Value $10.00

With this “don’t be without” tool, you’ll record all your contact information in one neat place. Just by looking at one form, you’ll know what you discussed with your contact, what you sent, what you received, and what actions you need to take. This form also will help you organize your speaking activities with internal customers.

Bonus #4: SURPRISE BONUS Value $10.00

This planning tool is as important to a speaker as a flight plan is to a pilot! When you use this valuable bonus, you’ll get all the information you need to plan and present your program. Normally, you would request it after listening to the audio programs. But with this offer, we’ll save you the trouble and send it to you.

We’re making this sensational book and audio set, Presentation Truths Revealed—101 Universal Principals to Propel Your Speaking Success available to you for only $79.00!

That’s less than $0.22 per day—less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Actually when you figure in all the bonuses, the total value is $156.00 ($79.00 + $77.00). You get the whole enchilada for $79.00!

You get the download book and audios for only $67.00. With all of the bonuses, the total value of the download book and audios is $144.00 ($67.00 + $77.00).

It Gets Better Still — Presentation Truths Revealed—101 Universal Principles to Propel Your Speaking Success Is Completely Backed by Our 1-Year, Risk-free, Money-back Guarantee!

“I have read numerous books about improving presentation skills but none disclose the basic points as quickly or more directly as Presentation Truths Revealed. But, the book goes well beyond the basics by offering insight into inspirational and motivational skills. And, if that is not enough, the bonus section at the back provides additional strategies to help a person become an accomplished presenter. Presentation Truths Revealed is a treasure!”
Gerald R. Hammond, DTM, Past Toastmasters International District 18 Governor

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Click here to order the book and 2-CD set right now for only $79.00 + S&H


Click here to order the downloadable E-book and audio set for only $67.00

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“Last year, I made a career change from engineering management to marketing at a new company. Public speaking and even presentations to small groups were my greatest fears and I had gone to great lengths to avoid them throughout my career. In my new company, public speaking was not something I could avoid and my speaking ability would be quickly tested. After a lot of research, I turned to Allan and Allan. Most other companies only offer skill training. What I needed was to overcome my life-long fear of speaking in front of groups. The No Sweat Speaking system seemed illogical to me at first and I was skeptical. The great part about the system is that you don't have to understand it or believe that it will work. It just happens. Today I speak in front of groups, give media interviews and conduct training sessions on a routine basis. Not only is my speaking anxiety gone, but my skills continue to improve and I look forward to my next opportunity to speak. I give my highest recommendation for Allan and Allan's system. If it works for me, it can work for anyone.” — A