Brad, Financial Planner in Colorado

After first phone session:

Allan, I thought it was excellent! It was extremely helpful for me. I will read up on the stuff you suggested. Look forward to the next session. Thanks.

After session 3:

Allan, just a quick update for you. The presentations went very well! Thanks to you!!! Your consultations have been extremely helpful for me and have improved my confidence level. I will look at my schedule and get back with you to set up our next session. Again thank you very much!

“10 Critical Strategies to Make Your Presentation Slides More Memorable”

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“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to serve as a speaker for our Federal Women’s Program Monthly Speaker program. We were all richly rewarded by listening to your presentation on how to be an effective public speaker. The information you presented will be very helpful to the members of the group, since so many of them are called upon to deliver speeches before large groups or in smaller briefing sessions.” — A