Public Speaking Services

Allan and Allan provide a variety of public speaking services to organizations and individuals.

We offer one-on-one coaching on presentation skills and eliminating public speaking fear, presentation anxiety, stage fright, and other performance blocks.

We provide small group coaching on presentation skills for organizations. This service is helpful for marketing and sales teams, managers, and executives.

We also offer public speaking training classes, seminars and workshops for organizations.

In addition, We are available to speak at organizational events with a variety of programs related to inter-personal and group communications.

Check out our speaking and training programs. We can also customize a program to meet your specific needs.

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“10 Critical Strategies to Make Your Presentation Slides More Memorable”

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“Thank you so very much for helping me provide an enlightening and informative presentation…. At our board meeting this past Thursday, I was still receiving very positive feedback from the Board and congratulations conveyed through the Board from our membership. A few have mentioned how they have practiced some of your techniques, resulting in progressive responses. Prior to our July meeting, many of us did not realize the impact that nonverbal communications have on individuals.” — A