Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching Programs to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear and Hone Presentation Skills

Neutralize public speaking fear with our No Sweat Speaking™ System. Communicate more effectively and make more money with our public speaking coaching!

You get results quickly! So you don’t find yourself in a situation where skill improvements seem to take forever and your investment dollars sink into a bottomless pit.

How Allan and Allan’s Public Speaking Coaching Assists You…

  • You present skillfully with power, confidence, and influence.
  • You are in demand in your industry and organization.
  • People are drawn to you, regard you as a leader, and talk about you in a positive way.
  • Your business grows because you present your products and services with confidence.
  • Your sales increase, you make you a bundle and you enjoy a competitive edge.
  • You eliminate or severely reduce public speaking fear, presentation anxiety, stage fright, and other performance blocks.

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Our Public Speaking Coaching Is Unique

The most important reason why we are hands down unlike any other speaking coaches is that we will help you get rid of your public speaking fear, performance anxiety, stage fright, and other performance blocks rapidly!

When we say rapidly, we mean in a few minutes to a few sessions. In about 9 hours or less, you can go from near phobic to confident.

You get over 50 years of speaking and public speaking coaching experience collectively. We constantly research the field of public speaking for relevant and useful techniques that can benefit you.

More importantly, we are information integrators. We research literature in fields outside of public speaking. We look for for strategies to integrate into our public speaking coaching that can benefit you.

That’s why your experience with us is refreshingly different. You get a fresh approach.

Public speaking coaching is an art. We don’t champion the strategies that 99% of other coaches use if those strategies do not work!

Many coaches do that. It’s safe and secure for them but that practice wastes your time and money. The results are usually minimal for your investment of time.

(Complete our Coaching Inquiry Questionnaire so we can evaluate your needs and contact you.)

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“Last year, I made a career change from engineering management to marketing at a new company. Public speaking and even presentations to small groups were my greatest fears and I had gone to great lengths to avoid them throughout my career. In my new company, public speaking was not something I could avoid and my speaking ability would be quickly tested. After a lot of research, I turned to Allan and Allan. Most other companies only offer skill training. What I needed was to overcome my life-long fear of speaking in front of groups. The No Sweat Speaking system seemed illogical to me at first and I was skeptical. The great part about the system is that you don't have to understand it or believe that it will work. It just happens. Today I speak in front of groups, give media interviews and conduct training sessions on a routine basis. Not only is my speaking anxiety gone, but my skills continue to improve and I look forward to my next opportunity to speak. I give my highest recommendation for Allan and Allan's system. If it works for me, it can work for anyone.” — A