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Can Allan and Allan’s No Sweat Speaking™ System Help Me?

That’s a good question. The truth is everyone’s situation is unique, and we have a high success rate. Here are some coaching testimonials from a few of our clients about their experience with us.


“Long before you and I started working together last year, two things were certain: 1.) I had a VERY severe fear of public speaking and 2.) This fear was a restraining factor for me – both professionally and personally. For years, I did everything conceivable to avoid speaking while standing. I then tried several commonly-touted remedies, including immersion and controlled breathing. None of these worked and, the entire time, my confidence continued to plummet.

“Fortunately for me, I found your No Sweat Speaking website. Your individualized approach to coaching and your out of the box techniques for reducing fear and anxiety have been real life savers for me! I was amazed to see – after just a few short, personalized coaching sessions – such a drastic reduction in my speaking fear. Today, I’m pleased to report that I’m fear free. In fact, I’ve given four formal presentations thus far in 2006, all while standing. They all went well!

“I’m so pleased with my progress that I’ve decided to extend our relationship beyond the terms of our original agreement. In so doing, I’m very much looking forward to continuing to become a better, more confident speaker/presenter with each and every session.”

Brad in Maryland


“I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my keynote address…. Working with you, I learned a lot about making a great presentation—but I learned even more about myself. You showed me that my perceived fear of speaking was not due to anxiety, rather, it was due to a habitual lack of preparation. I never knew that about myself.

“My… keynote address was the best presentation I’ve ever given! I wasn’t even nervous—because I knew I was prepared. Presentations since have been anxiety-free and successful as well. I would recommend you to anyone—thanks again for all the help.”

Trish in Maryland


“After just a few phone sessions with Allan Kaufman I was able to overcome terrible stage fright. My performance has improved so much I’ve been asked to speak for 250 people about marketing. This one small change has improved my business practically overnight. Thank you for helping me triumph over a lifelong fear of performing in public.”

Christine in Connecticut


“Last year, I made a career change from engineering management to marketing at a new company. Public speaking and even presentations to small groups were my greatest fears and I went to great lengths to avoid them throughout my career. In my new company, public speaking was not something I could avoid and my speaking ability would be quickly tested.

“After a lot of research, I turned to Allan and Allan. Most other companies only offer skill training. What I needed was to overcome my lifelong fear of speaking in front of groups. The No Sweat Speaking system seemed illogical to me at first and I was skeptical. The great part about the system is that you don’t have to understand it or believe that it will work. It just happens.

“Today I speak in front of groups, give media interviews and conduct training sessions on a routine basis. Not only is my speaking anxiety gone, but my skills continue to improve and I look forward to my next opportunity to speak. I give my highest recommendation for Allan and Allan’s system. If it works for me, it can work for anyone.


“Things are going well… For our fiscal year ended Mar 31st, I was awarded a Marketing Award at our National Sales Meeting. In addition, I received the highest marks of all presenters for a presentation I gave 3 times for groups of 30 – 50 each session.”

Jim in Connecticut


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