by Allan Kaufman Kathie is a financial planner. She consulted with me on how she could stand out from all other financial planners. I suggested that she follow one of our No Sweat Speaking™ strategies. Identify a niche audience. Then, customize her subject matter into a presentation that would meet the needs of this niche Read more →

by Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch Did you ever see presenters who write a presentation in long hand, single-spaced, double-sided, with all the pages stapled together? During the presentation, they stop because they can’t read their handwriting, or they lose their place. Throughout the presentation, you see their presentation notes as they turn the pages. Read more →

Most of us have the presentation skills that we need to present effectively. Unfortunately, they are hidden and lie dormant in our subconscious. The important task, then, is to bring them into our conscious awareness and use them. Most people do not know how to do this. Instead, they reinforce the inaccurate belief that they Read more →

by Allan Misch The Best Humor for Business Presentations Most business presentations are designed to inform and/or to persuade. They tend to be serious. Yet to be successful, a presentation should engage its listeners in varying intensity. That’s where well-placed, light humor comes in. Here’s where a personal anecdote can be your friend. Relate a Read more →

by Allan Kaufman, DTM, MBA “Learning to communicate is like taking out an insurance policy. You never know when you’ll need it, but it’s too late to take it out after you need it.” (Allan Kaufman as quoted in Baltimore Magazine) Years ago, I received a phone call from Baltimore Magazine. Someone gave them my Read more →

by Allan Misch An aspiring presenter once asked a professional speaker, “Do I have to use humor in my presentations?” The speaker responded, “Only if you want to get paid.” In other words, effective presentations contain humor. Most successful presentations have a mix of important ideas, drama, and humor. But be cautious. To your audience, Read more →

By Allan Misch and Allan Kaufman © Allan and Allan, Inc., 2012. All rights reserved. We get a lot of questions from our audiences, coaching clients, and newsletter readers. Here are a sample of six questions and our answers on several public speaking issues. Question: I’m a real estate agent and give talks on Read more →

by Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch © Allan and Allan, Inc., 2012. All rights reserved. Be Enthusiastic and Your Presentation Will Be Successful At a conference Allan Kaufman attended, there were two keynote speakers. One was trained in the art of speaking. He had a professional appearance, was well organized, used expressive gestures, and Read more →