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No Sweat Speaking’s Guide to Public Speaking (Presentation) Etiquette — How to Look Like a Professional
Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch
Amazon $3.97  http://amznly.com/sy and http://bookshow.me/B00ENI05F0

Basketball Hall of Fame coach John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Public Speaking Etiquette contains the little details that you should understand and follow to make you a No Sweat Speaker.

HEADS UP: Keep reading this entire book description to find out about two important bonuses in this book.

Public Speaking Etiquette is a protocol that presenters should follow to improve the overall speaking environment. You can compare it to dining etiquette, a formal approach to dining, which includes placement of dinnerware and proper dining manners. Public Speaking Etiquette defines some basic guidelines and manners to follow that may seem trivial. Yet, they can mean the difference between your audiences perceiving you as an amateur or a professional. Learn and use these guidelines until they become automatic. You will be amazed at how your audiences’ perceptions of you will change.

Public Speaking Etiquette takes into account these protocols . . .

  • When to applaud and why
  • How, why, and when to shake hands
  • What a lectern is and why “guard” it
  • Why and how to address your audience
  • Staying within your allotted time frame
  • Why you should never apologize to your audience for being unprepared
  • Why you should not turn your back to the audience
  • How to use notes
  • How to dress for success in speaking.

In addition to the above, the authors share with you two additional very important public speaking issues that you don’t find in most public speaking books: Filleritis and Engaging Your Audience. These two “Bonus” subjects are so important to a public speaker that learning about them alone is worth the low investment in this book.

Probably, you never heard of Filleritis, the curable speaking disease, before. That’s because Allan and Allan created the term. It’s when “speakers” and people in general say “ah” or “um” or “ok,” etc. after every one or two sentences. Doesn’t this just stand out as the sign of an amateur speaker? Do you find it distracting? Why do people do this when giving presentations and even when just talking in normal conversations? The cure for this disease is provided in this book.

Continually engaging your audience is so important, but many speakers miss the boat. It is the way to develop and maintain rapport with your audience. Why is this important and how is this done? Allan and Allan share their wisdom on this topic with you in this book.

So buy this book and not only look like a professional, become one.

No Sweat Speaking’s How to Avoid the Ten Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes Including How to Use Humor
Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch
Amazon $3.97http://amznly.com/qx and http://bookshow.me/B00E3UDW8A

In this book, you will discover the Ten Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid and What to Do Instead. Study them. Put what you learn into practice. When you do, you will experience success delivering presentations.

Learn what not to do and what techniques can make the difference between a successful presentation and a bomb. The key to presentation success is to apply your learning. You must practice giving presentations in front of audiences. But practice without knowledge is foolish. You will just make the same mistakes over and over again.

In this book, you will discover the Ten Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes to avoid and what to do instead. Here is a small sample of what is in the book.

“A speaker who speaks at one vocal rate, one tone of voice and one volume level is anathema to an audience.” This comes from a discussion of Mistake #7.

“Someone once asked a professional speaker, “Do you need to use humor in your presentations?” He responded, “No, not unless you want to get paid.” Humor in presentations is like spices and herbs in a salad… humor can turn an ordinary presentation into an audience’s delight…. Humor can help you grab your audience’s attention…. It can make the end of your presentation more memorable…. A humorous anecdote or story can help make your point stick…. Ten Strategies for Using Humor….“ This is covered in a discussion of Mistake #9.

This book is like a mini-course in public speaking. The difference between a professional public speaker and an amateur is knowing what to do and what not to do. This book lays it all out for you. Buy this book. Your small investment will pay off over and over again.

 No Sweat Speaking’s Public Speaking Humor Guide to Roasting & Toasting — How to Roast and Toast Your Business/Work Associate, Best Friend, Aunt, Nephew, Sister, Brother-in-Law or Dad on His/Her Birthday, Retirement, Anniversary or Promotion
Allan Kaufman
Amazon $3.97http://amzn.to/117pwoM and http://bookshow.me/B00D7H342O

Have you ever been to a retirement party or maybe a surprise birthday party or anniversary party? Was there any entertainment provided? Did someone roast and/or toast the honoree(s)? You can be that person who does the roasting and toasting.

Maybe it is your brother’s anniversary and you are expected to say a few words. Are you ready? Do you know what to say? How about roasting him and his bride? Would that surprise everyone?

This book will show you how to do it so that people will be amazed…. In fact, they may come up to you afterwards and say they did not know you had it in you to be so funny and entertaining.

In this book are roasting points, toasting tips and sample roasts. All you have to do is follow the guidelines, take some of his jokes and stories, modify them for your honoree, add personal stories that you research from close friends and relatives and/or make up and let it rip. This is not rocket science.  Just follow Allan’s formula and you can be the roast and toast person in your family and network of friends.

Note: Allan has roasted dozens of friends, relatives and colleagues over the years. In fact, once he was bribed by the honoree’s boss to attend a retirement party Allan was not planning to attend so that he could roast and toast the honoree. The boss paid for Allan’s lunch.  Not only did he roast and toast the honoree, but he also volunteered to be the emcee for the retirement party.

No Sweat Speaking’s Public Speaking Humor Tips — How to Spice Up Your Presentations
Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch
Amazon $3.97  http://amznly.com/rx and http://bookshow.me/B00ECJANGQ

If you like to laugh, if you want to add humor to your presentations, if you are scared to use humor or just don’t know how, then this book is for you. Do you enjoy listening to a speaker who injects humor into his or her talk? Of course you do. It spices up the presentation. It keeps you interested and wanting to hear more.

Over the years, Allan Kaufman and Allan Misch have written numerous presentation tips and humor tips. In this book, they share with you their humor tips such as:

  • I Could Never Use Humor in My Presentations
  • Why Use Humor?
  • Learn How to Think Funny
  • Should You Use Humor in Your Introduction?
  • Use Humor Right Away to Grab your Audience’s Attention
  • How to Tell a Joke in Six Steps
  • Keep Your Funny Stories and Jokes Short!
  • End Your Talk with a Humorous Story
  • Two Ways to Use Murphy’s Law to Your Advantage
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • Three Ways to Personalize Humor
  • Allan and Allan’s Nine Tips for Using Humor
  • What Do You Do When Your Humor Falls Flat?
  • Some Humor Don’ts
  • Some Humor Do’s
  • And a lot more.

Buy this book now and begin your journey to spice up your presentations!

Public Speaking for the Bar Mitzvah Bochur — Coach Your Son for His Special Speech
Allan Kaufman
Amazon $3.97  http://bookshow.me/B00F7NHJCM

“Allan Kaufman is doing a big service by devoting his public speaking expertise to fill a void that has never before been addressed, proper coaching of presentation skills for Bar Mitzvah boys. I am sure that his efforts will result in an improvement in this “rite of passage” for Jewish boys by enabling them to communicate their thoughts and appreciation in a cogent, compelling, and meaningful manner. Yasher Koach, Allan!” — Rabbi Aaron Tendler, Rabbi, Owings Mills Torah Center and Instructor, Ner Israel Rabbinical College

Here is the challenge. The presentation must be done right. It must be planned. Preparation is a must. Fortunately, the preparation only consists of two components.

  1. Constructing the actual speech and its content — the D’var Torah and the thanking of all the important people that made this event possible, and more importantly…
  2. Coaching on how to deliver this most important speech so that your family and friends will look up in awe, be amazed, and give your son his deserved praise for such a dynamic and effective presentation from someone so young.

Having a personal public speaking coach is the ideal solution to make both parts happen. But for most people, personal coaching is impractical from a cost/benefit point of view. Fortunately, Allan Kaufman wrote this book so that you, your son’s Dad or Grandfather or Mom or Older Brother, can be his public speaking coach for his Bar Mitzvah Speech. This is not rocket science. But it will take some work and also a lot of practice by your son that You Must Supervise. All you need to do is just follow the instructions to turn your son into a polished public speaker for his special speech.

Rabbi Jason Gelber, of the Owings Mills Torah Center says, “Bar Mitzvah boys do not know how to give a speech. Unless they are coached, they will talk too quickly, speak too softly and not look up at their audience. Public speaking coach, Allan Kaufman, details how to coach the Bar Mitzvah boy on his upcoming speech. He provides an analysis of a sample speech including a D’var Torah. This is a great little book that is one of a kind, a great investment for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.”

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