Public Speaking Skill: How to Give a Team Presentation

by Allan Kaufman

If you give technical, marketing, or sales presentations, then effective team presenting should be part of your presentation skills toolbox.

A team presentation is a presentation given by two or more people on a common theme. Different parts of the presentation are given by team members who are knowledgeable about their parts.

For example, a sales team consists of four members who will give a presentation on a new product. The team leader introduces the product. Then s/he introduces one team member to present the technical aspects of the product.

Another team member presents the costs, benefits, and profits of the product. The third member presents a marketing strategy. Finally, the team leader summarizes and presents the call for action. Each team member may speak for 5 minutes to 20 minutes and the overall presentation may last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I was part of a team presentation. The theme was retirement. The team leader set the stage. She gave the introduction. Then she introduced me to discuss “Life After 40,” including my current retirement planning.

After I spoke for 5 minutes, she introduced someone who had just retired from the navy after 38 years service. He spoke about his retirement and what he was going to be doing.

Then a psychologist spoke on how people react to changes in their lives and how this relates to retirement. Lastly, the team leader summarized to end the presentation.

So, this team’s approach was to examine retirement from three viewpoints: (1) someone still working at his profession; (2) a person who had just retired from his profession and is retiring not to a rocking chair, but to a new business experience; and (3) a trained professional who studies peoples’ reactions to changes in life, retirement being one of them.

Some Key Guidelines

  • Develop a concept that would better lend itself to a team presentation than one done by only one person.
  • Assemble a team of speakers who can work together effectively.
  • Plan out the presentation and consider the total presentation time available, times available for each team member (Note: Each team member may not need the same amount of time), and time for practicing.
  • Make sure that each team member knows exactly what part of the presentation he or she is responsible for. This will prevent any unwanted overlaps.
  • Allow plenty of time for each team member to prepare his or her part.
  • All team members should use the same type or style of visual aids. The best way to ensure this is to design them together and use presentation templates to ensure design consistency.
  • Each member should practice his or her part, and then the team should practice as a well coordinated unit.
  • If possible, do a walk-through of the presentation before an audience that you’ve selected and get feedback. Have the audience ask questions, and record the questions and answers. Later, refine the answers.
  • If you have access to videotape equipment, use it to record your walk-throughs and practice sessions. Then refine your presentation.

Team presentations take a lot of planning and are susceptible to complications, but they can be impressive and effective. Use the above guidelines to hone your team presentation. You will be pleasantly surprised at your results.


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