No Sweat Speaking™ Program

How to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear, Presentation Anxiety, Stage Fright and Other Performance Blocks Rapidly

Why the No Sweat Speaking™ program is important for your group of managers, marketing and sales professionals, and others who present information…

  • Their public speaking fear and presentation anxieties will disappear with No Sweat Speaking™ program techniques not taught anywhere else.
  • They will project powerful, confident self-images to others.
  • They will influence prospects’ and clients’ decisions.
  • They will boost sales.
  • They will improve their performance.

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What the No Sweat Speaking™ program is about…

We work with a group of volunteers from your audience, and to everyone’s amazement, they will reduce or eliminate their public speaking fear, anxiety, and nervousness in minutes…

 And we will teach the whole audience how they can do it!

 Your attendees will take away a powerful, easy-to-use, nontraditional, cutting-edge technique to improve performance for a variety of stress-producing situations. They’ll be buzzing about this program for weeks.

The No Sweat Speaking™ program is available as a…

  • 60-minute or 90-minute breakout/educational session.
  • ½-day or 1-day small-group coaching session.

Your attendees will learn…

  • The real reason why they have public speaking fear, presentation anxiety, stage fright, and other performance blocks.
  • Why traditional techniques for reducing public speaking fear and presentation anxiety usually fail.
  • How public speaking fear, presentation anxiety and other performance blocks are “learned,” and why they can be “unlearned” quickly and painlessly.
  • Why they experience performance slumps and how to eliminate them easily and quickly.
  • An easy and quick technique to reduce or eliminate public speaking fear, presentation anxiety, stage fright, and other performance blocks.

Here’s what others are saying about Allan and Allan and why you can’t go wrong with them…

“If you want your son to be a good speaker, you might consider naming him ‘Allan.’”
Central Office Bulletin,
Social Security Administration

“In minutes you were able to do for the audience what some people have been trying to do for themselves for a lifetime…. Any organization can benefit greatly by witnessing your seminar….”
Craig Valentine
Toastmasters International’s 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

“The… workshop that you recently conducted proved to be the best career investment that I have made.”
Susan D. Sunderland,
Susan D. Sunderland & Associates

“Your presentation and handout contained excellent suggestions, which the auditors can use immediately to improve their oral presentations. We would highly recommend your training session to other organizations”
Gerald R. Hammond, Seminar Chairman
I.I.A.- Baltimore Chapter, Inc.

“Thanks again for helping me overcome my fear of public speaking.”
Ed Hopf

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